Arched hangar from the manufacturer

The arched hangar from the manufacturer is the most affordable and quality prefabricated arched structure made of rolled steel, created with the Hangar company. Metal arched structures produced on this machine have their own performance characteristics, which we want to acquaint you with.

The metal structures of the arched hangar from the manufacturer are subject to various calculations. Taking into account the long winter and short summer in our region, first of all, arched metal structures are calculated for snow and wind loads.

The arched hangar from the manufacturer falls under the conditions for the construction of prefabricated modular buildings for the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the city of Krasnoyarsk, namely IV snow, III wind regions:

design snow load up to 240 kg/m²;

normative value of wind pressure 38kg/m²;

design outdoor air temperature ―46° С;

These are the most basic design standards that must comply with the conditions of construction in our region. The arched hangar from the manufacturer provides full compliance with them and can be created in two possible versions:

The cold version of the arched hangar is suitable for storage facilities where it is supposed to store products and goods that meet certain requirements, storage conditions, taking into account the properties of these goods and products. The arched hangar from the manufacturer is most suitable for storing various machinery and equipment, or for temporary storage of goods for the period of reloading.

The warm version of the arched hangar is more suitable for our region, which is famous for its harsh climate, heavy snowfalls and winds. In addition, many goods and products need special storage conditions, so an arched hangar from a manufacturer in a warm version is no longer just a warehouse or storage facility, but a full-fledged commercial, agricultural, industrial or any other construction facility.

In our company, arched hangars can be up to 21 meters high, up to 24 meters wide and have an unlimited length. Depending on the purpose of the object, operating conditions, wishes of the customer, the set of the arched hangar may include various engineering communications such as water and electricity, sewerage, heating, ventilation, communications, including fiber optic lines, security systems, automated accounting and control systems.

We also consider a complete set of special storage, technological and production equipment necessary to create and maintain a certain temperature regime, for example, to protect refrigerators from the penetration of warm air, as well as dust, precipitation and insects; loading docks, folding bridges, mobile ramps, automatic gates of various types, door and window openings.

In addition, the arched hangar from the manufacturer involves planning solutions that correspond to the project requirements specification and are optimally convenient for comfortable rest and work of people. In the online catalog of our company, presented on this site, you can find the projects of arched structures made of coiled steel that are being developed and already in use. In addition, we are considering other options for cooperation and build arched hangars according to the drawings and sketches of the customer. In this case, in order to easily implement the project, as well as correctly calculate its price, we need to see your design ideas. After that, it will be possible to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms.

The arched hangar from the manufacturer is considered the most rational construction solution. Because it uses indicators that are the most effective in many years of practice of their operation and use. It is these indicators that make it possible to guarantee customers the stability, strength and durability of a frameless structure, as well as minimal operating costs over the entire life of the hangar

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