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Gór-Stal is one of the largest Polish manufacturers of sandwich panels and thermal insulation panels termPIR ® . With over 12 years of experience and extensive knowledge, we are well aware of the needs of the market. As a result, we create products and solutions that deliver real value to our customers.

Gór-Stal is a Polish company founded in 2003. Initially, the company produced and successfully sold steel structures, but an increase in demand for materials for prefabricated industrial buildings prompted the company’s management to purchase, in 2003, a polyurethane-filled sandwich panel production line. The manufacturer of the equipment is the German company Hennecke, a recognized world leader among manufacturers of such equipment.


PIR sandwich panels

Sandwich panels filled with polyisocyanurate (PIR) are a vivid example of the development of modern technologies in construction. Together with their unique technical and physical characteristics, these building materials have no analogues, since they can be used to build a building almost completely without resorting to other building materials. Any buildings and structures built using Gorlicka GS-PIR sandwich panels amaze with their individuality and ease of frame construction.

Using sandwich panels produced by Gór-Stal®, Poland, the customer receives not only an excellent appearance and safety of the building, but also will be able to compensate for the investment by reducing further heating and air conditioning costs, as well as the absence of problems with the operation of the roof and facades during the entire period building services.



Sandwich panel refrigeration PIR


Roof sandwich panel PIR


Wall sandwich panel PIR with a standard lock


Wall sandwich panel PIR with hidden lock


termPIR plate (coating – for aggressive environment)

termPIR® BT

termPIR board (coating – bituminous)

termPIR® WS

termPIR board (coated with fiberglass)

termPIR® PK

termPIR plate (coating – KRAFT paper)


    termPIR® insulation boards

    Energy efficient construction uses high-tech solutions to create buildings with high “thermal comfort”, low energy consumption and low associated operating costs.


    termPIR® boards provide the most effective thermal insulation compared to other building thermal insulation materials such as mineral wool or foam. Using them during construction will allow in the future to operate any house or apartment as economically and safely as possible for a long period of time.

    HANGAR carries out the installation of sandwich panels

    Our company is engaged in the sale, delivery to the site and installation of high-quality Gór-Stal® sandwich panels. Specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience to implement even the most complex project, while in the first place the requirements of the customer, which must be taken into account.

    HANGAR provides quality installation of sandwich panels.

    These include:

    • Calculation of consumables.
    • Leveling, installation of mounting points.
    • Preparation for the installation of the supporting structure.
    • Mounting cutting and drilling.
    • Performing transverse and longitudinal joints of sandwich panels.
    • Installation of roofing sandwich panels.
    • Gesmitization of thermal gaps.
    • Installation of slats, flashings, drainage system.


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