Prefabricated commercial buildings

The individual approach of “HANGAR” will allow you to build a retail building that meets your business goals and objectives as accurately as possible, at the best final price. Unlimited dimensions and a wide range of HANGAR architectural and planning solutions make it possible to design and assemble retail facilities for any purpose on the basis of a metal frame – shops, car dealerships, shopping, shopping and entertainment, trade and logistics and exhibition complexes of any shape and size from economic to premium class.

Administrative buildings

Shopping centers

Office buildings

Service for cars

Car dealerships

Logistic complexes

Administrative and office buildings, of course, are the basis for the entire modern business world. The design and construction of office buildings, which, in fact, are administrative centers, from where all existing business processes are managed, are quite complex and must be carried out by competent specialists. The construction company “HANGAR” today has professional architects with extensive experience as designers and builders.

Thanks to its own developments and extensive production base, the HANGAR company uses modern technologies in construction. “HANGAR” professionally carries out the construction of shopping centers, both “turnkey” and partially.

The shopping center construction technologies we use allow us to build large-scale objects without load-bearing beams in the interior space. This means that the HANGAR company can easily reconstruct, creating exactly the set of services that is needed: restaurants, boutiques, parking, hypermarket, cinema, fitness center, etc.

Carrying out the construction of shopping centers, we take into account the peculiarities of the customer’s business, which is relevant already at the design stage. In addition, we always take into account the current trends in urban architecture, so your facility will look stylish, modern and attractive. It should be noted that the construction of any shopping centers is carried out under the constant supervision of HANGAR specialists, who have serious experience in implementing such projects.


      One of the areas of work of the HANGAR company is the design of hangars. We guarantee our customers high quality and durability of hangars of any type and complexity, made according to our project.

    What affects the value of a building

    To draw up an exact technical task for miscalculation and design, you need to have the following information:

    1. Dimensions and number of storeys of the building;

    2. Purpose of the building;

    3. Enclosing structures (cold, warm);

    4. Roof (exploitable or not, lightning protection);

    5. Engineering systems (ventilation, heating, electrical, sewerage, fire safety, etc.)

    6. Internal work (floor screed, tiling, internal office fences, etc.)


    quality building

    Favorable price

    Turnkey project development

    Implementation of all construction processes

    Short construction time

    Warranty and long-term partnerships

      Why is it worth ordering the construction of shopping and entertainment complexes in the HANGAR company?

      • Impeccable quality and reasonable prices;
      • Low cost of construction of shopping centers and well-thought-out payment system.
      • Our team consists of people with higher construction education, work experience and fundamental knowledge in the field of construction and design of shopping centers and shopping and entertainment complexes.
      • A number of built and successfully functioning shopping centers;
      • Strict adherence to deadlines.

      To start building a shopping or shopping and entertainment center, fill out an application and wait for a call from our employee.


      Stages of building construction


      Design work.


      Site preparation, excavation, foundation and flooring.


      Manufacturing and installation of power structure.


      Installation of enclosing structures, insulation of the hangar.


      Installation of doors, gates, windows and equipment.

      Calls are accepted 24/7